Lordan Zafranovic and Erlend Lu stayed at the Zepter Hotel

Famous Croatian director Lordan Zafranovic and well-known Norwegian writer Erlend Lu, stayed at the Zepter Hotel during their visit to Belgrade.

The reason for their visit is this year's festival KROKODIL (Literary Regional Gathering that Disappears the Breath and Lethargy) which took place on 16, 17 and 18 June.

Erlend Lu, one of the Serbian readers’ favorite writers introduced himself at this Festival. In a short time he became one of the most famous European authors, recognizable by his ironic literary style. His books have been translated into more than twenty world languages. Lu is the winner of many awards, among which is the European Young Readers Award.

From Prague, Lordan Zafranovic, one of the most controversial and most provocative domestic directors of the famous Prague School, came to the first coffee-interview of the KROKODIL festival.

Lordan Zafranovic is a famous Yugoslav and Croatian director. He has won many awards and recognitions and, most recognizable in Yugoslavia, Golden Arena for his film in Pula in 1986.