On Wednesday, 27th April 2016, FC Partizan signed a new sponsorship agreement with Zepter International, which was originally signed in April 2015.

Famous Italian fashion designer, Antonio Grimaldi, stayed at Zepter Hotel during his visit to Belgrade!

During his visit to Belgrade, famous Italian fashion designer, Antonio Grimaldi, stayed at Zepter Hotel. Mr. Grimaldi held a humanitarian fashion show in Belgrade on 8th April 2016. This glamorous evening, organized by Fabrika Agency in cooperation with the Italian Embassy, was held in the residence of the Italian Ambassador. The creations of the famous Italian designer left everyone breathless.

Zepter hotel among the best on

Zepter hotel was awarded by the most influential tourist website for excellent reviews. The average score of the hotel in 2015. was 9.6.

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The 50th  ITB Berlin - the world's leading tourism fair is successfully finished. Zepter hotel together with the Tourist Organization of Serbia represented our country in front of 200,000 visitors of this fair , which lasted from the 8th to the 13th of March .


Zepter hotel is the winner of Top Serbian Brand award 2015 in the hotel category. This prestigious award is traditionally given at the beginning of each year for the previous year, based solely on the votes of citizens of Serbia through independent and objective survey conducted on 2,780 adult citizens of Serbia. The main requirements for the award winners are: brand awareness, superior quality, customer satisfaction, excellence in business and business results.

RTS, Radio Belgrade 202 and P.R.A. the agency organized a New Year's gathering in Zepter hotel

RTS, Radio Belgrade 202 and P.R.A. the agency organized a New Year's gathering in Zepter hotel, for media editors and celebrities who were guests in the show Lexicon 202. This iconic show on Radio Belgrade will soon celebrate its 300th show. In the speech, editor and host of the show, Ružica Zorkić expressed her gratidute to guests and used the opportunity to hand a special recognition on behalf of Radio Belgrade 202 to P.R.A. Agency and to Zepter hotel, for highly professional cooperation.

Opera & Theatre Madlenianum organized a press conference in Zepter Hotel

On Wednesday, 09th Decembar 2015., at 12 o'clock, Opera & Theatre Madlenianum organized a press conference in Zepter Conference Hall, for the premiere of the play "The Great Gatsby", which will take place on the 18th Decembar 2015.

ZEPTER HOTEL celebrated its first birthday

On the first of December, After Work Party for chief editors of media and people employed in the public relations, organized by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Agency for Public Relations PRA, was held in Zepter hotel. The main reason for this event were the first birthday and the first issue of the Zepter hotel newspaper and awarding of diplomas for 48th  and 49th  generation of the Business School for PR. The event was attended by about 100 people from the media and PR industries.

Lecture by Rambo Amadeus in Zepter hotel

In life you need to do what you love and earn money from activities that you would also do for free.

Simplicity is always the way towards good creative solution

A smile is not a reflection of your mood, but a filter for the positive things that are happening around you.

Zepter hotel suports “The Night of Ad Eaters”

The sixteenth “Night of Ad Eaters” will take place in the Sava Center on the 28th of November and Zepter hotel is one of the friends of the manifestation. New, creative , exciting and hilariously fun selection of the world's best commercials is signed by selector Jean Marie Boursicot, and the award for best TV commercial was received by the actor Bor Stiglic on behalf of Jake Judnič from Ljubljana. Both of them enjoyed in Zepter hotel during their stay in Belgrade.