Zepter hotel is the winner of Top Serbian Brand award 2015 in the hotel category. This prestigious award is traditionally given at the beginning of each year for the previous year, based solely on the votes of citizens of Serbia through independent and objective survey conducted on 2,780 adult citizens of Serbia. The main requirements for the award winners are: brand awareness, superior quality, customer satisfaction, excellence in business and business results.

- Zepter hotel oppened one year ago, said Djordje Rašić, director of Zepter hotel. This is our sixth award in the first year of work and we are proud of our success. Not only because of the prize, but primarily because of the positive results and attitudes of our guests. Now, in addition to guests, citizens of Serbia are also acknowledging our reputation and quality, as this research showed. Our economic indicators are also very good. The average occupancy rate during the first year was over 55%. We are currently full, probably because of the Tourism Fair. Restaurant SmartLife is successful as well. More and more business people are coming daily to have a lunch here, and it obliges us to be even better, if that is possible, concluded the director of the hotel Đorđe Rašić.