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Terazije 10, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

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SmartLife Restaurant, with an excellent, wide offer of international and Mediterranean dishes, and specialties prepared in the Zepter way. Food served in luxurious Zepter porcelainware satisfies even the most refined tastes, which makes SmartLife Restaurant a place for relaxation, intimate meetings and a superb gastronomic experience.

Because that's what he is: a world-class chef.

The following was said about Damir Sertić (Diplomacy & Commerce magazine): Masterchef of Zepter Hotel Belgrade, first came to Belgrade ten years ago. The gloomy city with construction works in progress was not much commendable, but the famous Belgrade nightlife turned out to be unforgettable. Maybe that's why the highlight of his day is the night, when he creates gastronomic art while taking a leisurely walk. Always in an inconceivably good mood, he seems reliable like a brother, a trait the Serbs understand very well. Born in Zagreb, he cooked all over the world, mostly for the demanding palates of the rich and famous. A chance meeting brought him back to Belgrade, as a doctor of molecular gastronomy. What did he do first? He introduced into our hedonistic habits a lemon bubble and a raspberry glass, which can easily turn into broken glass like a shattered love. His special creation is candles made of mangalica pork lard with squid ink scones that melt in one's mouth. He dedicated the Zepter mono cake to childhood, when we all liked to eat only poppy seeds from the juicy homemade strudel. He even managed to defeat the unsurpassed Bellini from the legendary Harry's bar. His personality could be summed up in a sentence: I am Damir Sertić, and I live my dream.

One of the best chefs of today, Damir Sertić

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